Psychosocial Therapy

helps the client to become conscious of experiences which they were previously unaware of.

listens to the client’s story to understand how they think and feel, assess their strengths, understand the stresses and past experiences that trouble them, and hear their hopes and dreams.

Working through one’s thoughts, stresses and past experiences in therapy provides insight and practical approaches to dealing with difficult personal issues.

expressing what is in one’s heart and mind – and feeling truly understood and accepted – often brings hope and healing.

seeks relief from psychological or physical symptoms. We seek client emotional healing and relief from mental pain

deals with the client’s mental health.

to address the mental, emotional and behavioral issues that are causing symptoms and distress.

is based in the psychodynamic approach—it encourages the you to go back to their earlier experiences and explore how these experiences affect your current ‘problem’

talking and listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues.”