What we do

What do we do as a Spiritual Caregiver?

As Spiritual Caregiver we attend to the spiritual needs of people both in short- and long-term care. We are concerned with the spiritual and life journey of people.

With our knowledge and understanding how a life crisis can make one feel confused, denial and despair, searching for meaning and purpose, can be overwhelmed with emotions of regret and remorse. We work to support people to understand these negative emotions and find forgiveness and acceptance but also strength to carry on. Every life has a purpose. We support you to find yours and maybe achieve. Your fulfilment in life relates to fulfilling your life purpose.

We Care:

without judgment, with genuine interest and attentive listening.

to listen with all our senses,

to understand verbal and non-verbal language

 to hear the pain, distress deep in the inner core of the person.

to help the person find and put words on the pain, feel heard and understood.

to help a group feel their worth and dignity as human beings in a system that can so easily neglect and de-humanize the one in need.

not as the one with answers, or easy solutions, but rather as the one who can listen to the questions as the person struggles through his/her own personal relationship with the source of life.

 by being able to simply “be” with the sorrow, fear, jubilation, calm, panic, or whatever feelings the person, group or family are expressing.

In issues of coming to terms with death and mortality

In de full range of birth, growth, aging, illness and dying

to help the patient and family explore the sacred path that they themselves are journeying.

Our place as Spiritual Caregiver in health and society:

Our work and position is challenging. We need many skills like any profession. The spiritual pains of people may not seem as important or urgent in today’s medical world but if unaddressed they can bear witness to years of anguish and pain.

Sometimes these pains are hard to express and can even trigger challenging behaviors. Through our guidance we can help people enjoy and find peace in the years of their lives.