Retreat / Meditation

A retreat is a military word used in war and fight situations. It is a moment to withdraw from the frontline and come to yourself. When the military faces challenges or losing much more causalities that will endanger their success, they have to retreat and rethink their strategy to reduce unnecessarily loses. As a worker in any work field, you sometimes need to withdraw back and rethink your life and work. Taking time to reflect on your life brings a lot of benefits. You can examine your life. Examining your life, helps you to achieve a worthwhile life.

A retreat is a moment to reflect and meditate on your life and work. It is like sharpening your saw or knife to make cutting easier than damaging your muscles by using a blunt knife in cutting. Creating a time for retreat is what you do if you love your life.We organize group retreats in different forms and places. We are available to be invited to come and lead groups.

We embark on meditation for certain issues of life. Some life questions need a meditative or reflective approach. We take the approach of redemptive law’s meditation. We have a book on this topic. You will have to read the book to realize that you are dealing with the laws of life. This approach supposed to make it easier for you to reflect or meditate on those issues. The book will be in print after the Summer 2023.

Online or physical (€300- per two hours

This is group work of minimum 5 people. It can be physical in a location. It can also be an online gathering.

Days (and nights) somewhere (€ prize will be negotiated)  

A retreat of some days or days and nights in a specific place maybe be possible. A pilgrimage is also possible. A day retreat or meditation is possible.

For any of this services, You can use the link below to make an appointment or our contact form for more informations