Peace servant Conuseling

Spiritual and mental care

African descendants have their special and specific cultural health care approach. Applying individual or community approach are possible approaches in all the situations. We cannot go in detail here on how we do it. In most areas of the health care, we work together with other health care professionals. We can be in the role of a confidential person or family.

It is our core mission to support them get their needed health care. In all our work, their safety and trust are the basic foundation. We pay attention to different dimensions of health care. 

Spiritual dimension 

Our spiritual caregivers are professionals in this area of health care.An African have incurable trust in God or the Divine.
An African soul is restless when there is disbalance in the relationship with the Divine.It is not critical in which religion the person socially participates.
We have the know how to support them in this area. It can be in the use of rituals, prayers, counseling, or other methods based on specific cases and needs

Mental dimension  

Knowing and understanding the mental challenges they can be subjected to outside Africa; we give them the needed support.
We work in restoring the mind when it is misfunctioning.Our understanding of their personal and community situation helps in what to do and what not to do. In this area of care, we work together with other health care specialists.

Physical dimension  

A physical health issue might have spiritual, mental, social, or cultural connotations.We look into those areas and the professional physician takes care of the rest.

Social dimension 

The social value for an African cannot be underrated. I can rightly say that loneliness is strange to an African, except outside Africa. When subjected to the social issues that affect health and wellbeing, we understand it quickly and know the right solutions. We then arrange it.

Cultural dimension

Culture is the basic source of healing. One cannot underrate the power of culture in health and wellbeing. We specialize in this area.

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