Given Church

Post By Godian Ejiogu | January 29, 2022

Given Church

We want to share this good news.

The first missionary Willibrord and Adelbertus arrived in Egmond around 1300 years ago. They brought the gospel and Christianity to the Netherlands.

Today the parish in Egmond gave some liturgical materials to one of the youngest Roman Catholic community made up of Sub Sahara Africa migrants, All Saints parish in Amsterdam.


We are happy to receive this gift from this parish. Not only the historical aspect of it makes this giving special. But seeing the joy in the giver, makes our receiving more joyful. It is written blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes.

Highly blessed is the joy of giving and blessed is the joy of the hand that takes.

They gave without expectation. It is the ultimate expression of love.

We received in grace. It was our given back.

A given and receiving Church. Both are one and United.


We are grateful to parishioners of R.K. parochie Bron van Levend Water Heiloo

Rev. fr. Herman Helsloot

Dean rev. fr. Franklin Brigitha Paul Bindels

Mr. Martien den Blanken

Mrs. Astrid Wittebrood – Schouten  

MrsTineke Roozen


Congratulations to

All Saints parish Amsterdam

Rev. fr. Alan Guzman

Mrs. Perpetuel Frimpomaa 

Mr. Raymond Mberekpe 

Mr. Raphael Kemeh


May the future of the parish Bron van Levend Water Heiloo her new begin, bear fruitful work for the coming generations.

May the young parish All Saints fulfill her vocation for the people who need the gospel.


Godian Ejiogu