Power abused?

Post By Godian Ejiogu | January 22, 2022


A call to conscience and intellectual mistake correction.


We are dealing with a false sense of power or authority we made as an instrument to serve others. It is a psychological act that needs correction before it will cause much more damage in our society and world today and tomorrow.


When we face all these issues of women abuse/sexual abuse/child abuse/misuse of power/abuse of power/dictatorship and so on by those in authority, we need to correct intellectual mistakes. It is time to rethink this intellectual mistake. No protection can work until this intellectual mistake is corrected. Every generation will face the same battle, just because it is a false sense.

All this has to do with a false sense of power and authority ascribed to someone who does not have it. Most of our world problems come from this mistake.

It was like this with the kings and emperors who called themselves the sons of gods. When the notion of their title was corrected, their behavior was curtailed, and people were safer.


Power is accredited to those who do not have it. Just because we said it is so, does not mean it is naturally so. We just gave it to them. It is not natural. Because it is not natural, makes it false sense.

Human being tends to oppress those they feel that they have privilege and power over them.

Children are being beaten because they are small. That is why they are beating. Not because they asked for it or deserved it. But because they cannot win the physical fight at that moment. When they can win it, the parents or adults do not beat them like they did when they were children.

Whoever can take your abuse, aggression, and does not revenge is stronger than you.

Children are strong and those who beat them are weak. Beating a child does not show you are more powerful. It shows you are weak. It shows you are helpless. It shows you do not have the inner strength and moral protection.


The issue of women’s rape rampage comes through misconception and a false sense of power. The delegation of power to men and the proscription of women as the weaker sex is the problem we are dealing with. This problem can only be solved if this false sense is corrected.

Maybe looking at the character of women as flexible, giving in, submissive, and so on, maybe because of compassionate mind and open-minded does not mean weakness. Some people are naturally receptive and hospitable. They do not block themselves completely from others and external influence. They go through high and low feelings and emotions. These are not symptoms of weakness but living life fully.


Let us investigate one power of a woman. They are many but just on power and authority.


If all the women in the world from baby to adult decide that from today, they will not give birth to any child for the next 50 years. All humans will be naturally extinguished. It will be the end of the human race. This is the ultimate power over the human future. There is no power in nuclear weapons and all the world weapons above this women power over natural extinction of humans. It is also absolute because they are the only ones who have it and it is naturally given.

If women make a demand like if the violent killings or unnatural death of human beings continues, then they will take a measure of stop giving birth. Those elected to manage human resources will be restless. All our struggle is for future preservation. Women generate the future. They hold it. Without them, we only need to prepare for so many years of our lives and end up. Because there is no future to preserve beyond how many years our body will last before it expires. We never have conferences and debates or make laws on how to prevent women from abusing this natural power except on the issue of abortion.

We have lots of conferences on women abuse, child abuse, government abuse and so many issues like that we protest.


If those temporary elected to manage the national economy realize that they are not those in power, but those who temporary elected them are in power, they will change their behavior automatically. They will not get the false impression that they are in power.

When their time of office expires or they misbehave and had to leave office, they start crying. It is then that they realize, who they think they are, people gave it to them. It is not their power. The false image about themselves is corrected. They become real again. Therefore, some never want to leave office because they do not want to be real.

They are who they are at that moment because others gave it to them for a temporary moment.

This is the education that is needed to correct all this abuse of position that is costing all of us.

Women are not the weaker sex.

The one who cannot hold or restrain himself in the autonomy of the other is weak. Whether it is beating children or using the body of a woman against her inner consent and will. It does not matter what position one is in or office one is given to serve; you are simply weak. Whether you are made public or not, understand that there is no power but weakness. The feeling of weakness is the judgment of your conscience. Your conscience condemns your act and makes you feel shame. That is why one does not want the act to be made public. One tries to cover up with any possible action. Intimidation, domination, destruction of pieces of evidence and some go as far as killing the victim to cover up the shame in reaching the public.


Men should understand that women have the power that weakens a man. In a real sense, women are powerful and not weak. We must rethink and correct this misconception and falsehood.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Restore power and authority back to where it belongs, then we are done with all this weak human abuse. We are done with the false sense that is because of intellectual mistakes.

Proscribe the natural weakness to those who are naturally weak. This is where our effort should be more directed. People do not naturally want to be associated with issues publicly proscribed as the ultimate sign of weakness. People want to play heroes and be powerful. Rape and abuse are the ultimate sign of weakness.

The only true and natural power and authority is your natural talent in your art. Like in sports, arts, science and so on. Nobody gave it to you, and nobody can take it away from you.

No human being has power and authority over another human being. No human being has the power and authority to abuse another human being. This is against nature and that is why it is always a painful experience and shameful act. Because it is shameful, the urge to keep it secret becomes a natural reaction. Power and authority are all false sense to serve. It can be taken away from you at any time. Build your inner protection against the urge to abuse. It is safer for you and all.


This is an invitation and a call to reflect in your conscience.

Build the moral strength and inner resistance against the weakness that leads to abuse of position and inflicting pain on others and unnecessary suffering to yourself. Realize that power does not belong to you, it is given to you as a moral instrument for a purpose to serve and not to abuse others and yourself. Your assumed power and authority are not natural but false sense.