Your body, your vaccination

Post By Godian Ejiogu | March 22, 2020

Reflection period

You are your best vaccination and Your body is your best protection.

I did not want to reflect more or give more attention to the coronavirus.

Because what you give attention to always grows and becomes stronger. But I realize that coronavirus has something too serious to say to us.

The information’s out there is so much that I have to rethink and give a thought on this, my generation game-changer. Especially when I hear some strategy of building groups immunity and controlling coronavirus. Group immunity means a process whereby the weaker have to die and the stronger survive. We normally call it the survival of the fittest. I think it is better for people to stay alive. We have the responsibility to protect the weak. The mentality of the survival of the fittest brought our world to where we are today. Coronavirus has something else to show us.

Now it stopped us from all we are used to, like pursuing money, power, wealth and happiness, it is time to listen to what we have to learn. Take back what we lost and appreciate it. We have taken many of the lives of important things for granted. Now is time for appreciation and thanking.

Namely we are massively going into the opposite direction of life. Coronavirus calls us back to our self and our purpose and meaning of life. We discover now that our system and our present development does not have an answer to invisible life threat.

In spite of the number of deaths already and the more speculated death tolls, painful to lose loved ones, painful to be sick and painful to see economy goes down. It seems that we still have something to be grateful for the coronavirus. I am reflecting to make meaning out of all this. Being grateful can bring you into a state of peace and joy. It can take negative things away from you.

Corona taught us the opposite of our world direction.

We have been feeling fearful in all nations in the world for the years. We did not want to face it. But now we have no choice to admit it and face it.

We developed the habit of traveling as if it is a necessity of life. Now we know we can live without it.

Everyday life stresses that worn-out our body and mental health. Our society is completely stressed free.

We buy all the amenities to make a home but barely have time to spend with loved ones together. Families that almost never have time with each other. Now we must stay and spend time together even by force.

Do we speak too much, claiming all the reasons to speak? Now we are fighting to have things to shut our mouth. Sometimes our words hurt others, but now we hurt nobody.

The more the crowd the better and more popular.  Even in our office, we appreciate crowds as modern way of working. Now the crowd is forbidden. It is dangerous.

All efforts being made by few to protect animals from human brutality. An animal release one of the viruses it carries, we massively run into isolation and beg our government to lock us up. We assumed humans to be the ultimate in the creation and in charge of the world. Now we are facing the reality that we can be wiped out by on virus from a small animal. This is real.

Our body turns out to be our best protection. Our immune system made naturally to protect us form especially all these invisible killers, we break it down with our unhealthy consumptions and lifestyle. Now each and everybody is called to build the wall of immunity for self-protection. Your body is your protection vaccination.

The protection of one is the protection of all. We are caring for each other because we care for ourselves. Now we know how we are connected.

What we normally do not like to eat like sour, bitter and hot turns out to be better for our immune than our desire for sweet and cold.

The most important gift of coronavirus is the removal of stress to develop, build and maintain our immune system. Stress is one of the most important threats of our life. It breaks our organs, system and makes it porous for an attack which one may not recover from. Take your day one by one. There is no need to stress now. Coronavirus is around to keep you from stress and thereby build your immune.


Remain calm.

Remain positive.

Remain loving, start with yourself and then people around you.

Remain safe.

Keep your body and mind holy and pure from contamination.

The creator is still in charge of the creation, not we.

Peace be with you

Peace Servant


Godian Ejiogu